How to access your price list

Did you know that you can download and print out a copy of your Everything Imaging trade price list direct from our online system EI LIVE?

It’s (fairly) simple:

  • Log into EI LIVE (in the top right corner at using your login name and password
  • Click on the “Reports” tab
  • Select “Download CSV”
  • This will enable you to download the price list file to your computer as a “CSV” file. This can be opened in Excel and other spreadsheet software packages. We suggest that you then save the file as your preferred type of document (e.g. as an Excel spreadsheet)

Please bear in mind that we adjust our prices in light of market fluctuations, so it always advisable to check a price on EI LIVE rather than relying on a price list that you downloaded a while ago.

If you haven’t yet registered with EI LIVE, you can do so at – but you need to have opened a trading account with us first.

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